How are Boy Butter and You Won't Believe It’s Not Boy Butter better?

       Boy butter is a coconut oil­-based personal lubricant blended with an organic silicone ingredient. The coconut oil is mainly used in massage oils and the organic silicone is mainly used in hair conditioners.
These two ingredients are then combined and homogenized like real butter to create a water-soluble oil-based cream lubricant that is odorless and will outlast silicone based lubricants while washing off with water alone.  Also revolutionary in terms of easy clean up for such a long lasting lubricant.

*Boy butter is an organic lubricant that outlasts synthetic and silicone-based lubricants while washing off with just water.

*No more stains on surfaces or on fabrics. No soap or afterwash required, just water.



"I am not only the president, I am also head of the research department."
- Eyal Feldman

*Boy butter is odor-less, safe, gentle, edible, great inside and out of the body.

*Totally safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys

* Great for masturbation, anal, limited vaginal sex. Excellent hard-core s/m lubricant.

*3 year shelf life / no refrigeration required

* Not latex compatible - but polyurethane condoms recommended (favored brand avanti’s by durex)


The product is also preferred by many massage therapists as well because it is a great massage cream (because of the coconut oil) and it is odorless and washes off easily from clients and fabrics.


We are proud to introduce the world’s first water-based cream lubricant. This is a whole new category of personal lubricant.  This water-based product is formulated in much the same way most water-based lubricants are but it is blended with emulsifiers to give it that creamy look. Instead of oils we have used vitamin e, aloe vera extract, shea butter extract and vanilla extracts which mimic the desired characteristics of oils without the degradation of latex or any female irritation. We are using this formula to extend the boy butter line to you won’t believe it’s not boy butter for the gay market and a new mainstream line with women in mind called lucky personal lubricants. We are confident that we have the most unique water based lubricant formula on the market.

Testing results
Testing occurred over a seven-month period to study the efficacy of the product with 12 couples made up of females and males with and without the use of latex condoms. We are confident that we have the best water based lubricant formula on the market.

*Ywb & lucky has all the benefits of oil-based lubricants without any of the drawbacks

*First and only cream lubricant on the market that is latex condom and vaginal safe, increasing marketability.

* Ywb & lucky feels indistinguishable from oil-based lubes lubricants while washing off with just water.

* Great for masturbation, vaginal sex and anal sex

* Ywb & lucky is safe, hypo-allergenic, gentle, female friendly,      
   edible, and non-staining.

*Totally safe on all sex toys (rubber, glass and silicone-based)

* Safe on latex clothing

*4-year shelf life

Ingredient deconstruction for new h20 based lubricants
(Plain English definitions for fancy chemical names)

80% of formula

Di-water - dionized water

20% of formula

Carbomer – organic gelling agent

Tocoheryl acetate – vitamin e

Methylparaben & propylparaben – preservatives (below FDA
Recommended levels)

Glycerin – humectant moisterizer

Peg-100 stearate & glyceryl stearate – vegetable emulsifiers

Tricaprylin- vegetable emolient

Shea butter- skin conditioner

Cyclopentasilox – silicone

Aloe vera – soothing agent

Vanilla extract – added for pleasant odor

Diazoldininyl urea- antimicrobial

Triethanolamine – neutralizing agent



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